November 1st Announcement


Retired Fox 2 Detroit Morning Anchor, Takes Activist Interest In Advancing Marijuana Law Reform
NOVEMBER 1, 2016/Detroit: In an announcement made this morning, Anqunette Jamison Sarfoh has declared she is joining the leadership of Michigan's movement to legalize the adult use of marijuana, known as MI Legalize 2018. 
Ms. Sarfoh will be introduced as a member of the organization during a fundraiser being held in Wednesday evening at Weber's Inn Ann Arbor. Those unable to attend can still donate to the new campaign below.
Anqunette, or “Q” as many know her, is a noted media personality and an accomplished activist supporting multiple sclerosis research and charities. Her television career has included broadcast positions in multiple states, including the morning anchor at Fox 2 Detroit. Anqunette is currently on a leave of absence from that position due to medical issues related to her multiple sclerosis condition.    
As a volunteer, Anqunette is a District Activist Leader with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and is also the newest member of the Michigan Chapter’s Government Relations Advisory Committee. Anqunette has participated in MS Action Day in Lansing, the African-Americans with MS conference in Detroit, Walk MS and Muckfest.
MILegalize collected more than 350,000 signatures on petitions to place the issue of legalized adult use of marijuana on the 2016 general election ballot. Although the petitions were proper and the filing was timely a series of court challenges prevented the group's proposal from appearing on the November 8 ballot. 
The group recently announced they have filed a new ballot committee and are preparing an updated version of their 2016 proposal. The citizen initiative process requires approx. 250,000 valid signatures from Michigan voters, and a 2016 law now requires that those signatures be collected within 180 days. MILegalize is welcoming many new interested persons to join the campaign as it builds steam for a spring petition launch. "The MILegalize team is very happy to welcome someone as talented as Anqunette. Her skills and passion are a real asset and we look forward to others joining the cause as we work together to craft a plan to legalize the right way for Michigan," said Executive Director Jeffrey Hank.
"I feel the War on Drugs has been a failure. Not only has it stifled research into non-pharmaceutical medicine, and it has led to an incarceration epidemic which has disproportionately affected communities of color. As someone who has experienced the positive effects of using cannabis I feel it is hypocritical to remain quiet and benefit while others suffer in prison for non-violent drug offenses," said Sarfoh. "I want people to know they have a non-pharmaceutical option. I believe responsible adults have the right to enjoy this plant in the same manner as alcohol: with no shame and no fear of prosecution."
Anqunette's broadcast career has included stints as a television reporter in Indiana, Nevada, Massachusetts and Michigan. 
Jeffrey Hank   
Anqunette Sarfoh  
Paid for with regulated funds by the Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Initiative Committee, PO Box 4427, East Lansing, MI 48826.

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